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Broke and Woke

Broke and Woke 1969 – 2019

4 days 3 hours ago
Warning! I am TOXIC 10

Warning! I am TOXIC

1 month 6 days ago
Love and Evolution

Love and Evolution

2 months 1 week ago
Evolution and Voting

Evolution and Voting

6 months 3 weeks ago

How to take Women's Rights Away

How to take Women’s Rights Away

6 months 4 weeks ago
Answering Sir Roger Scruton

Answering Sir Roger Scruton…part 1

7 months 1 day ago
Anita Sarkeesian's Frequent Feminist Fails

Anita Sarkeesian’s Frequent Feminist Fails

7 months 6 days ago
Feminists? The new KKK?

Feminists? The new KKK?

7 months 6 days ago

Alyssa Milano's Feminist Fail

Alyssa Milano’s Feminist Fail

7 months 2 weeks ago
Feminism, Technology and Evolution 3

Feminism, Technology and Evolution

7 months 2 weeks ago
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